A Substantial Clothing Brand With A Difference – Meraki

Recently, I came across a clothing brand that showed some worth and value for money. Where the entire collection catered the needs of our very own Pakistani women and showcased respect and dignity in their clothing line. This special store is none-other-than “Meraki – A Clothing Affair”, a well-defined place to shop for all necessary ladies essentials. This clothing brand is a dream come true, a special dream of a woman who wanted to fulfill the need of special clothing in Pakistan.


Meraki is located at Khayaban-e-Nishat, DHA Phase 6, Karachi, right opposite to Burger King. While entering the store, you see a glimpse of well-organized space with apparels to die for. Each and every item looks simply irresistible as I wanted to grab everything on the rack but sadly I can’t. Anyways, I had an ample choice to choose from different designs and colors. All the garments are perfectly designed and showcasing the meaning of livelihood and mature thoughts. Me being a happy-go-lucky person always look for things that are bright and blingy and happily found so many things to suit my taste and work mode.


Meraki specializes in special design and tailoring with a special facility to choose from a wide variety of material already present at the store. But that’s not all, you can bring your own unstitched material to get it exclusively designed and tailored by the talented team of Meraki. Other than specialized tailoring, Meraki also deals in Western, Eastern and Middle-Eastern ready-to-wear garments, maternity wear, nursing apparels and imported high-end makeup brands.

For me, Meraki is one-stop shop to buy my everyday wear along with some of my favorite makeup brands. Being a working woman, I’m in a dire need for such quick to wear clothes along with an open option to choose matching scarves and lowers. So now, Meraki is my personal preference for all my future shopping and will suggest my fellow ladies to go there and have a look, as you will definitely find something unique and amazing.

Personally Yours,

Sana Nasir Hassan,

Get Magnified.


Wonders of Hemani now in Pakistan

Just recently I had spoken about the launch of Hemani products in Pakistan with the endorsement of the famous journalist turned anchor Waseem Badami. The launch of WBStores was an affair attended by many of the media fraternity and was definitely a treat to watch with the presence of stand-up comedian Syed Shaafat Ali, the enigma of legendary Anwar Maqsood, with some spice added by Fahad Mustafa, Shahid Khan Afridi and Faisal Qureshi. The Chief Guest for the event was Governor Sindh, Mr. Muhammad Zubair.

Overall, the event was very well organised, people were seated on the allotted seating arrangement. At first glance it looked it was jam-packed. But it was a pleasure to know that seats were reserved for bloggers to not just enjoy the event but to also have a fruitful discussion with the rest of the bloggers and media personnel on the panel. I even had the opportunity to vlog about the event and it’s great to sort of brush your skills into creating visual stories for a change. Catch a glimpse below:

and of course, the pleasure to go back with an amazing care-package just made the day. Compiled of all organic and herbal products it was a delight to try out each one of the amazing products.
WBStores by Hemani are set to launch in Karachi and Lahore on the 19th and 20th of June, 2017 and we are all proud and happy for them.

Following Pakistan Fashion Week 11

Holding fashion shows was the trend of the yester years, to organize eye-popping Fashion Weeks is the newest trend to follow. Renowned and veteran designers, stylists, MUAs, professional choreographers join hands to pull off the talk of the town fashion weeks, across Pakistan and even abroad.

Organised by Riwayat London, Pakistan Fashion Week held it’s 11th season at Lancaster House, one of the elitist locations in London. Planned for the weekend PFW11 was spread into 2 acts each day compiled of some of the finest designers from Pakistan, Shamael Ansari, Noor by Saadia Asad, Agha Noor, Moazzam Abbass, Shirin Hussain, are the ones that personally won my vote. Maria B and Sana Safinaz, however, showcased collections that were very different from the rest and I would consider them to be more on the semi-formal than the bridal side. Some of my favourites from PFW11 are down here:

Overall, it was a great experience to have worked with Pakistan in Vogue, the Digital Partners for PFW11. From the planning till the promotions towards being the first ones to experience freshly showcased outfits on the ramp, was different than the usual. Meanwhile, I even started vlogging in between and got a chance to cover the bloggers meetup through the lens, watch below.

Renowned TV Anchor Waseem Badami joins hands with herbal brand, Hemani

Famous TV Anchor Waseem Badami is all geared up to join hands with the Hemani herbals to come up with something grand and unique in Pakistan. The plan is to introduce an exclusive skin care range that will not only benefit the youth but will be amazing for all age groups.

A grand launch is arranged on the 20th of May, 2017 to inaugurate the herbal products of Waseem Badami by Hemani. This product line meets the daily organic needs of every shopper interested in avoiding artificial products, be it for skin and hair care or their diet. Hemani Herbals is a family owned business which was initially founded in 1949 in Pakistan and later established in Dubai in 1995, where it prospered and saw a very good response. Over the past decades, Hemani has established itself as a leading herbal and natural company with a wide range of products including herbal teas, herbal oils, aromatherapy products, massage creams, herbal hair and skin care products.

Hemani has always focused on healthy living thus it maintained its core value by providing the best quality products to its valued customers that are pure and natural. Hemani’s constant endeavors for perfection have developed a great reputation worldwide for the excellent quality and up-to- date products, produced by the company. Realizing the consumers’ current needs of natural products for healthful living, Hemani has joined hands with Waseem Badami for a range of products carefully chosen from the best that nature has to offer.

Waseem Badami who is well-known for his unbiased and truthful attitude and analysis as a news anchor is the best choice to take the brand ahead. Being aware of his reputation as a credible source of news and information made him the perfect choice for Hemani to carry forward their promise of authentic and naturally sourced products.

Wishing Waseem Badami and WBStores by Hemani, a very best of luck!

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 2.36.13 PM

Chalay Thay Saath- Finale

For the final episode of the CTS Saga, our journey took us to the season finale which was the launch of the movie. Prior to the launch obviously the premiere is the limelight of every event of such caliber. There was tension, last moment changes, preparations and hopes! Hopes that everything will turn out to be just fine.

Closely working with the team as part of their Digital Activation, these last few weeks had been tiring and stressful. But we all pulled out of it. Premiere set through on the 20th April, sad enough I don’t have a picture of the super amazing postcard invites that were sent. Lord knows why they had to take it all away from us. Nonetheless, with constant interaction and activation on the red carpet along with the ever amazing CTS team, the celebrities and the media things turned out to be well in place.

On a personal note to review how Chalay Thay Saath is as a movie:

The movie has been set in the scenic environment of the every beautiful Gilgit. The surroundings are simply breath-taking. For filmmakers, one might appreciate the way that atmosphere had been captured is brilliant, as actors you would doubt a few things here and there but everything balanced it out, but as a story and script writer you might just not like the movie at all. With the great actors, amazing direction, super serene locations the movie went from positive to the negative on the basis of the weak script. Morever, since the movie doesn’t sport an illicit item number and some cheap inside jokes, the debate stood on to how a not so ‘paisa wasool’ movie is like a stain on the Pakistani Cinema industry (insert huge LOL). I would, however, recommend the movie to the cinemagoers since Chalay Thay Saath has something different to offer to you and you might as well like that!

P.S: There were more of video than of pictures, unfortunately my free plan doesn’t allow me to upload videos as yet…

Chaltay Rahay Saath

Months passed by, we worked on several activation ideas. Got introduced to the amazing cast and it was more like a dream come true kind of thing. I’m a fandom kind of a person! Absolutely love and support local stars and celebrities and hence never miss out on a chance to take selfies that does gets embarrassing for the rest, but do we care? NO…

So the next big milestone was the teaser release, and things were tense. 28th February and about 2 months prior to the actual movie release. Pretty much packed with his and lows and going through some annoying people on the way.

Nonetheless, pulling off the teaser launch, the CTS, VWCOP and Burger King meetup planned by yours truly and the team was the cherry on the top you can never forget! The event was an overwhelming experience (attaching a video proof)

There was much more to come ahead, post the teaser reveal, the pressure was intense to announce the media junkets, activations, media visits, and the list goes on, with the star Kent S. Lueng reaching we moved into the final series of promotions before the launch and just couldn’t wait for the release!

Jab Chalay Thay Saath

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Giving up a call and setting up the meeting point, still remember the semi humid, warm days of October, when me and my colleague entered the WeThinkFilms office and met two amazing people Beenish Waiz (Producer) and Shehreyar Ahmed (Assistant Director)!

Sitting their, sipping tea, visually memorizing all the amazing ways the movie was being visualized. 6 months ago, it was jus about a movie where friends packed their bags, travelled and with their own emotional baggage understood life as it came. Apparently, it was a journey for us as well. After over 4-5 meetings, we ended up partnering as their official digital media partners, and started the journey of getting to know the amazing team behind Chalay Thay Saath!

Below are the snippets from the first milestone, the teaser launch that took place on the 13th of November, at Ramada Creek Hotel. Was a blogger and media/press meetup where the official teaser for the film was released followed by chants of replay!

Man those days were good ❤