That one question, where you actually realize that you had been doing nothing out of your life.

Tell us about yourself?

a) Where do you expect me to begin from? Life, Academics, Profession, Interests, or that I love food & animals?

b) How can I actually boost about my self, I mean it sounds creepy, no?

c) This is the reason why a lot of people zone out during interviews, social interactions and die alone.

Nonetheless, I’m an avid learner, a Media Studies graduate and pursuing the same for my post-grad degree. Content writer since long, and a digital marketer, media planner, and PR strategist by profession. Im a die-hard animal lover, an ambivert and an observer. I spend mostĀ of my time, shamelessly going through my newsfeed, judging content posted online and this is where I’m going to majorly discuss the dos, donts, the good, bad and the ugly of marketing, advertising and digital content management.

Since, it has gotten pretty lengthy, I suppose it’s time to cut the interview short.

I can be reached out forĀ freelance social activation campaigns, reviews, content creation and management, brand endorsements and PR activities.

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